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SCMA Award Winning Artist: "Male Vocalist of the Year" & "Fan's Choice Entertainer of the Year
I'll Do the DrivingAlex Runions

Alex Runions slated to release 11th Studio Single, "I'll Do the Driving" to radio all digital streaming platforms July 2022

"I'll Do the Driving" is a song I co-wrote with my friend, Doug Folkins. We started this song back in 2015 and revisited it in 2021. I've been having more of an urge to release music about things that matter to me. I want to write music that an audience can connect with. Doug and I reworked the melody and the lyric until we were happy with what the message of the song was, pulling from our memories with our dad's. 

I wanted to use something personal in the song and included the "Oakshella Road". That is a road just outside of my hometown, Kipling, SK.  I find it's a nice touch to work those things into a song. I've always liked that name and think it rolls off the tongue.

It's a story about a father and a son taking time away from their busy lives to reconnect. 

Alex Runions 

All shows have been postponed until further notice. 

Stay safe everyone!

New music in 2022

Alex has been busy writing and recording through 2021 along with the release of his 11th single, "I'll Do the Driving". Check out the rest of the site for music videos, the single, recent interviews and podcast appearances.

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